A/C Filler

Automotive A/C Recharging System My Soup-to-Nuts service begins with concept sketches to get critical buy-in from Marketing and Management, proceeding to side-view 2-D CAD layouts and iterations, then additional sketches to discuss molding and assembly details. Next comes the 3D CAD virtual model, using Soldworks, where engineeering details are proposed and fitted, and where injection molding considerations and assembly considerations are proposed and massaged into a coherent design. We have anticipated the molding and assembly concerns in the early sketch phases, so the final product ends up looking pretty familiar. From the CAD model we go into 3-D printed models, first to see if everything fits. Then I created presentation models with working components, that the client showed to their sales force for their final inputs. Meanwhile the CAD model and preliminary 3D printed models are sent to 2 different factories to begin tooling and address any changes the manufacturer might need. Then, several more presentation models were refined and taken to industry trade shows, here and abroad. Label art, instruction sheet illustrations, point-of-purchase displays come quickly after that.

Your company can benefit from using a process like this, where the designer is able to get your concept from phase to phase quickly, and where the designer can maintain the continuity of process as the product progresses past development milestones. Having a long-term relationship makes it easier to do subsequent product innovations and updates, going up- or down-market to capitalize on market opportunities.

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Author: Tom Goddu

Client: Vehicle Parts Co.


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